Halabi, D., Awajan, A. and Fayyoumi, E., 2017, October. Arabic LFG-inspired Dependency Treebank. In New Trends in Computing Sciences (ICTCS), 2017 International Conference on (pp. 207-215). IEEE.


For the data-driven approach in Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications, good quality linguistic resources considered as a main factor to obtain good results. Although Arabic language is one of the main languages in the world, it is considered as low-resourced language in term of good quality and free linguistic resources. This work presents the first stage of building a new open source dependency treebank for Arabic language. It describes the prototype of the new dependency treebank that are inspired by Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG). This paper shows a main approach of developing a newly treebank and put lines the future work needed to complete this novel linguistic resource.