Aayat Shdaifat, Marwah ALian, Arabic WebPages Classification Based On Fuzzy Association, International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI), Vol 11, Issue 2,, pp 110-119, 2014.


Information retrieval from web documents becomes a challenge according to the exponential growth in the number of web pages on the Internet and rapid changes in these pages. So, it is necessary to classify web pages into classes to provide their results for the applied tools to be used which makes information retrieval easier and helps in facilitating applications use on the internet. Web pages classification may be applied for various types of data that are available on the Internet like texts, images, audios and videos. Each type has different algorithms to classify and process. Unfortunately, the classification of Arabic Web pages considering their structure is more difficult. In this paper, the results of the classification of Arabic web pages which is obtained using fuzzy algorithm will be discussed.