Mariam Biltawi, Arafat Awajan and Sara Tedmori. “Towards Building a Frame-Based Ontology for the Arabic Language”. The International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT), 2017


This paper proposes a framework for building a frame-based ontology for the Arabic language. The proposed framework consists of two main phases. The first phase involves manual construction of a seed frame-based ontology. This is followed by the second phase in which the seed frame-based ontology is enriched with new lexical fields (only if they do exist), and/or enriching it with binary relations between existing or new lexical fields. The binary relations considered are synonyms/antonyms, hyponyms/hypernyms, and holonyms/meronyms. In addition, the paper presents a comprehensive introduction of lexical semantics providing examples from the Arabic language, and then surveys works of researchers aiming to build ontologies for the Arabic language.