The Second International Conference on New Trends in Computing Sciences ( ICTCS 2019 )


Computing Sciences Research Center

Computing Sciences Research Center (CSRC) was established in 2017, by Prof. Arafat Awajan, hosted by the Department of Computer Science at the King Hussein School of Computing Sciences, it provides research opportunities and support for faculty, students and interested parties in different disciplines in the information technology field. And a strong focus on Natural Processing Languages, Security and Digital Criminology & Data Science.


Natural Language Processing Research Group

The Natural Language Processing Research Groups at the King Hussein School of Computing Sciences, PSUT, conducts theoretical and applied research in the following areas: analysis of written texts at all levels - morphological, syntactic, and semantic; corpus management and lexical databases; semantic representation of natural language expressions; semantic web, ontologies, knowledge representation and reasoning; applications of machine learning techniques to text processing; dialog representation and management; synthesis and recognition of speech.